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[NEW VIDEO] Vento passing Thru flames (1:13 minutes)

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A New Dimension in Horse Control (5:48 minutes)

This video gives a condensed view into how I was motivated to develop a new system of controlling horses at liberty (originally for just one horse) which is now leading to revolution throughout the world in how horses are handled at liberty. It also explains why I live in Italy!

Hard to catch Horses by Paul Randall (2:21 minutes)

 Catching horses seems to have been a problem ever since they  were first domesticate, many trainers pretend that the problem doesn’t  exsist, but it does.

Indy a 9 month old colt (8:11 minutes )

It seems like people often overlook that horses, like people, like dogs are very responsive to the tone of voice.

A New Dimension in Ground Trainin (3:22 minutes)

Horses, unlike dogs can be easily trained to come to their handler at any age.

Torfi – A well trained horse (3:32 minutes)

Horses like people often ” Send Messages ” with their eyes, mares, like women send far more messages than stallions or geldings

Catching Mito (2:40 minutes)

Perhaps paradoxically I can probably help people more than anybody else in the world if they have problems catching their horses, but I know very little about catching horses!

Parking a Horse (1:12minutes)

Many trainers say that we should do more to learn the language of horses, horses can also easily learn more of our language.

Valentina (5:32 minutes)

As my system is constantly developing, since making this video it is now much simpler so all these different pens and paddocks are not needed!

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