Horse Calling System

My system of training is know as "HORSE CALLING" it completely overcomes the problem of horses that are hard to catch, to the point where the horses come to the handler when called quickly and from long distances (horses within hearing range), but really that is just the tip of the “ICEBERG” as it easily leads to a level of control similar to what is referred to as obedience with dogs!


Horse Calling System

"The equine revolution"

When you decide to take my “Horse Calling” course, I’m so certain that you will be completely satisfied to be part of “The equine revolution” that I’m giving a 30 day money back guarantee! And remember, I’m not just taking your money, then saying “Good Luck and Goodbye” I will be available for zoom meetings, free of charge for any participants that are having problems implementing my system, not that it is in any way complicated, it’s very simple and very different! I want horses and horse people to have a much better life when I die than they did when I was born.

You don’t need to think that this system of “Horse Calling” is only for fenced pastures, because how can you possibly whistle your horse to you if it’s several miles away on open range? Of course you can’t, in that case you will need to drive near to the horse with a truck, or ride another horse, then when you get near to the horse you should not try to catch it! You should call the horse to you, like you would one of your dogs if it had strayed a long way from home and you had just found it!

It is really only since I’ve been going on line that I’ve realised the enormous gape between almost all people’s ability to train their horses and the level of training that can easily be achieved!

Of course you’re thinking, if it’s so easy to train horses to a much higher level and any body can do it, why haven’t we all been doing it for years? Well it’s just that nobody else has stumbled across it and not that I’m particularly intelligent, in fact it’s the opposite, I’ve known several people that nearly got there!

One thing that’s very special about my videos on “Horse Calling” is that literally everybody in the equine world can learn something, most people can probably learn a lot, I even learn a bit myself watching them!!
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