Paul Burnett Randall

When I was 28 and living on an isolated cattle farm in NZ I wanted to persuade a girl that in least some way I knew more about horses than she did, racking my brains about all the things that older men had told me about horses and their reactions in various situations, and with a few things that I worked out for myself, I stumbled across a system of training horses to level that normal people had not even dreamed of!


As a horse trainer I try to help people only on the subjects that I’m probably a world leader, which is controlling horses at complete liberty, with this horses are much better when being ridden or handled in any way, or just when they are near people!

I do realise that for most of you that it’s very hard to believe that all horses can easily be trained to come to their handler when called, it’s now well over 40 years since I did my first public demonstration and I still have trouble believing it myself!

I have a great respect for many horse trainers, for many years I’ve been looking for other trainers that are able to train horses to level that horses can achieve when trained with my system, and I haven’t found one that even claims to be able to get to this level, so I think that I can honestly say that my system of training is not in competition with other systems of training, it’s something that can be used together with most existing training systems.

Many trainers say that it’s important to work your horse every day, that its no good to think that you can just work your horse when you feel like it, with my system of training its not like that, if horses that I’m starting are not worked for a week or a month it doesn’t seem to make any difference, when I start again they just go on where I left off, horses have excellent memories and don’t seem to forget!

I’ve seen many people on internet complaining about the time that they use to catch horses, I’ve even seen a professional training video on youtube which demonstrates how to catch a horse and it takes 90minutes to catch the horse, that far more time than it normally takes to train a horse to come to it’s handler when called using my system of training!

Many people use grain or tit-bits to catch their horses, that way the horses are training the handler!

When I want a horse to stand still I just tell it to stand and at the same time put my arms up, if it moves away, I just call it back! They learn straight away, no special training needed!

Catching horses seems to have been a problem ever since they were first domesticated, many trainers pretend that the problem doesn’t exsist, but it does, others say train your horse to catch you, which normally seem to mean chasing the horse away from the handler in a round pen until the horse is tired of trying to run away, so it stands still and faces up to the handle so that it can be caught.

 When horses are trained to come to their handler with my system of training, other than the obvious advantages, another advantage is the if the handler was doing something that the horse found boring last time it worked, the next time when the horse is called to the trainer the horse will still come when called, but a certain reluctance will almost certainly be visible!

Horses that are hard to catch are probably the biggest single problem in the equine world, but as very few people know how to overcome it, they pretend that there is no problem, or that they know the answer!

One of the less obvious advantages of training horses to come to their handler when called is the if one needs to catch a horse in the dark or on a very foggy day as long as the horse can hear a shout or a whistle, it comes to it’s handler, no more wandering about in the dark or fog for perhaps hours!

Paradoxically we live in a world where it is possible to put men on the moon, but many people still have problems controlling their horses unless they are actually on holding to them or have the security of fences some where to stop them galloping away!

Do you think that you will never be more important than food for your horse?

A new deal for horses, just think of the better life horses could lead if they were trained to a higher level, more like well trained dogs!

This system of training seems to be the first thing that’s really new in the horse world since horse shoes were invented, and that over 2000 years ago!

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