"End your horse catching problems forever ​"
Teach your horse
to come when called



More than 40 years experience

Paul Randall  Horse Caller, end your horse catching problems forever!

My system of training is know as “HORSE CALLING” it completely overcomes the problem of horses that are hard to catch, to the point where the horses come to the handler when called quickly and from long distances (horses within hearing range),  but really that is just the tip of the “ICEBERG” as it easily leads to a level of control similar to what is referred to as obedience with dogs!

As a horse trainer I try to help people only on the subjects that I'm probably a world leader, which is controlling horses at complete liberty, with these horses being much better when being ridden or handled in any way, or just when they are near people!


Many trainers say that it’s important to work your horse every day, it’s not good to think that you can just work your horse when you feel like it, with my system of training its not like that, if horses that I’m starting are not worked for a week or a month it doesn’t seem to make any difference, when I start again they just go on where I left off, horses have excellent memories and don’t seem to forget! 

My Horse Calling System


A New Dimension in Horse Control

This video gives a condensed view into how I was motivated to develop a new system of controlling horses at liberty which is now leading to a revolution in how horses are handled at liberty. 

Indy a 9 month old colt

It seems like people often overlook that horses, like people, like dogs are very responsive to tone of voice.

A New dimension in Ground Training

Horses, unlike dogs can be easily trained to come to their handler at any age.

Parking a Horse

This video is an example of what can be achieved with my system of training using no food incentives.

Taking care of Torfi

Horses like people often ” Send Messages ” with their eyes, mares, like women send far more messages than stallions or geldings

Blaze Training

This system of training seems to be the first thing that’s really new in the horse world since horse shoes were invented, and that over 2000 years ago!​
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